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Millions of Americans spend every day in a world of hurt from chronic pain.

When pain doesn't go away after an injury or illness, it can become a problem in its own right. Pain is said to be chronic if it occurs every day, for most of the day, for three months or longer.

Pain starts out as what is called acute pain, as a direct result of something that causes it. Sometimes the pain persists because the injury persists. But when it doesn't go away, it becomes a case of chronic pain. One definition of chronic pain describes it as pain that extends beyond the expected period of healing.

This can happen when the body has become accustomed to being in pain for a period of time. Even when the injury or reason for the pain is resolved, it sometimes just doesn't go away. The body can learn from habit that it should continue to feel pain.

Treatment can include drugs, primarily anti-inflammatories and narcotics. Painkillers take a variety of approaches to dialing down pain messages that are sent to the brain. Some try to interrupt messages sent from the injury site to the spinal cord, others block transmission up the spinal cord, and still others mimic natural painkillers that the brain itself makes and delivers to the injury site. Oxycontin (also known as oxycodone) and Norco (also known as hydrocodone) are among the most effective medications for the treatment of intractable pain.

Pain is is an intensely private experience, and it can be devastating. Finding a doctor that specializes in pain managent, who listens to you, and can believe and understand what you are going through, can really help.

Dr. Bockoff specializes in pain management and will work with you and your other doctors to help manage your pain with the goal of improving the quality of your life. The entire focus of our office is on your ability to function and enjoy the best quality of life possible.